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Presentations in Front of Live Audience - May 19, 2020

By now you have come up with a great invention that will launch you into your future. The next step is to connect with your mentor to help guide the way. Finding a mentor is easy to do, all it takes is going to your schools' Aspiring Entrepreneurs coodinator and requesting assistance. These experienced mentors will help you build a great plan and a panel will review each application to select the top eight applicants, who will present on May 19, 2020. 

The day will soon come for you to present to the audience. Allow yourself plenty of time to practice your pitch (three minutes or less) and prepare yourself for about five minutes worth of tough questions about your product, service, or idea. Make sure you look professional, but more importantly, have fun!

This event, hosted at Hagerstown Community College, is open to the community - so family and friends are invited to support their future entrepreneurs!